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Finding place; feminism; and a sense of instinct in Etna

Mira Ptacin wanted to know more about spiritualism; she found some answers at Camp Etna; which helped her write, "The In-Betweens."

ETNA, Maine — There's something about death and what possibly comes after death that seems to intrigue us. American Spiritualism has deep roots in our country, stemming back to the Civil War era, when mass casualties led loved ones to look for any hope - finding people who claimed to be able to communicate with those who had passed. 

That was the history that sparked a book idea for author Mira Ptacin. Ptacin says she didn't necessarily believe, or not believe, she just wanted to learn more. That curiosity led her to Camp Etna in Maine, where spiritual mediums have gathered for years. 

She writes about the camp; her own story of loss and search for answers; and explores whether Spiritualism is essentially a deep sense of instinct in her book, "The In-Betweens."

She spoke with us on 207 about the answers she found, and whether she truly believes there is a connection between the living and the dead. 

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