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Comedic character Ida LeClair shares advice for living the good life

Susan Poulin has performed as comedic character and Mainer, Ida LeClair for a few decades; she writes about living the good life in a new book.

PORTLAND, Maine — Susan Poulin is a writer and performer; who in 1996 stumbled into one of her most successful characters: Ida LeClair; a whimsical and witty "certified Maine Life Guide." 

Ida takes center stage in Poulin's latest book: "Finding Your Inner Moose," in which Ida offers advice for "livin' the good life." She walks us through a few of those tips, starting with avoiding the "Yeah, buts..."

"We are all responsible for our own happiness which means we are not responsible for other peoples happiness. I’m not saying don’t do nice things for people or only think of yourself, on the contrary keep doing what you’re doing, just stop trying to make people happy who do not want to be, like the “yeah, buts."

The power of please and thank you

“My husband Charlie and I say please and thank you to each other all the time just for every day things," Ida explains. "'Thanks for snow blowing the yard' or whatever. I think the most important part of your honey do list is the please and thank you."

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Have no regrets

"I have lots of little exercises in my book, 'Finding Your Inner Moose,' and I have a regrets remedy. So this is for regrets and resentments; if you have one of those what I do is I get in my car and I cry it out; I yell it out; and when it’s all out I go to the car wash. As I’m going through the car wash I picture all of those brushes wiping away, washing away all the resentments and the regrets and I emerge into the sunlight feeling like a new woman plus my car is clean,"

14 items or less means 14 items or less

"A lot of people think eyes are the window to the soul. I work as a cashier down to the A&P and from my point of view it’s the express lane. For some people, they think 14 items or less means 14 different kinds of items - like they’re counting a half dozen yogurts as one item. So it’s about personal integrity; picking up the dog poop whether somebody is watching or not. In my opinion if the IRS wants to find out who’s cheating on their taxes all they have to do is hang out at the express lane."

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. You can read more tips in Susan Poulin's book, "Finding Your Inner Moose."

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