SCARBOROUGH, Maine — -Margaret Atwood’s sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, The Testaments (hardcover) 

There’s an embargo so we can’t say much about it. The Testaments takes place 15 years after The Handmaids Tale. It features three new narrators, all of whom were characters in The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s a continuation of the overall story, just not Offred’s story.

-Sean Penn (yes, the actor) – Bob Honey Sings Jimmy Crack Corn (hardcover)

Believe it or not, this is his second novel and the second one about his Bob Honey character. It’s for people with a somewhat twisted sense of humor.

-The Jetsons: The Complete Original Series (3 Blu-ray set)

It has the full 24-episodes first season and includes a commentary track by Janet Waldo (Judy Jetson). They look and sound great, although collectors should know that one episode is missing the original laugh track. Unlike some people (I’m looking at you, George Lucas) they didn’t digitally correct little things on the original cels that you wouldn’t have noticed on TV.

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-The Lumineers – III - CD and LP

They are the indie-folk band did that song, “Ho Hey” a few years ago. III is a fictional concept album about three generations of the troubled Sparks family. They made a film for each song. The nine films were edited together and have been accepted into the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s grim, with a lot about addiction.

-Lee Hazlewood – 400 Miles from L.A. CD, LP, Deluxe box set

This is for people who enjoy the bleaker side of the old country. Lee Hazlewood is probably best known for writing and producing Nancy Sinatra’s hit “These Boots Were Made For Walking.” These are his recently-found earliest recordings. He was a DJ in Phoenix and would take the bus to L.A. to plug his songs. That’s where the “400 Miles” comes in. Disc 2 contains the demos of the first narrative concept album, Trouble Is a Lonesome Town. His is a dark and beautiful world.