PORTLAND, Maine — Inspired by her own life, and the stories of those around her, Joy Thomas Moore wanted to write to single mothers about raising children when you're faced with so many challenges. What she ended up writing was a book called, "The Power of Presence," which actually offers up guidance any parent can learn from; specifically how to be an ever present voice in your child's life, even when you can't physically be there. 

Actually, the idea for the book itself came from her son, Wes Moore, a best-selling author and entrepreneur. So many people asked him what his mother's secret to raising him was, and he just never felt comfortable answering for her. 

Joy Thomas Moore will be the first to admit that she is not an expert; but she did enlist the stories and experiences of other strong mothers around her for "The Power of Presence." 

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We sat down with Joy Thomas Moore ahead of an event she held with the United Way of Greater Portland for Women United. Women United is a group of the United Way of Greater Portland, which advocates for programs that take a two-generational approach to single parenting; support education; and financial stability for parents.

For more information on her book, "The Power of Presence," click here