PORTLAND, Maine — Jillian Bolanz is a busy mother and entrepreneur. Two years ago she embarked on a journey of self discovery. Now, through journals and podcasts she teaches other women how to hit the reset button; a good thing to do, she says, during this National Women's History Month. 

Where do you begin? With her five simple steps...

1. Acknowledge that you haven't allowed yourself to want what YOU want and that you are ready to

-Write a letter to yourself

-Release fear or expectations

2. Admit that you are ready and worthy of dreaming

-List out your dreams

-Start a vision board, whether clipping images from magazines, or using your own photos

-Get excited about allowing the dreams to rise

3. Ask for what you need

-Signs, support, time, money, space

4. Accept support, ideas, opportunities, love

-Give meditation a try; just sit in silence and clear your mind

5.Allow for what you want to come to you

-Feel joy. Dance and play and laugh out loud (let the energy flow)

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