SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — It’s a feeling that’s familiar to a lot of people in Maine, especially in the southern and coastal parts of the state: You want to buy a house…in fact, you’re obsessed with buying a house…but as prices keep going up and up and up, you just can’t afford the kind of place you’d like.

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Transfer that idea to London and you’ve set the scene for “Radiant Vermin,” a dark comedy now being presented at Mad Horse Theatre in South Portland. It tells the story of a young couple and how far they’re willing to go to acquire their dream home. The New York Times called the play “a blithely told fable for the age of unaffordable housing.” How is Mad Horse bringing the story to life? Watch our conversation with the show’s director and two of its actors to find out. For more information about the Mad Horse Theater's season, visit their website at