PORTLAND, Maine — It’s a daunting to think of the receipts…the stacks of receipts for gas, food, coffee, lodging, buses, trains and planes, piling up day after day, week after week. Having played in forty-five states and thirteen countries, from Alaska to Maine to the Czech Republic, musician Caroline Cotter must see travel receipts in her dreams.

Caroline Cotter is inspired by the world around her when she writes. As a musician who loves the road, a variety of people and places work their way into her songs. 

One thing remains constant for Cotter, though: she loves writing about home and family. Maine is still home for her, even though scores of performances a year keep her on the road. She’s back for a few days and on Wednesday, July 31, she’ll be playing at One Longfellow Square in Portland. 

She joined us in the 207 studio to perform three new songs. To learn more about Caroline Cotter, click here.