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A chiropractor's do-it-yourself pressure relievers

Dr. Allyson Coffin is a chiropractor with Align With Wellness in Yarmouth.

YARMOUTH, Maine — From added stress in our lives to the regular day to day activities we do, pressure can build up in many different parts of our bodies. Dr. Allyson Coffin is a chiropractor at Align With Wellness in Yarmouth. She shows us a few easy moves to help relieve some of that pressure.

First up, sinus pressure that builds isn't just in your nose. Dr. Coffin suggests while sitting upright, use two fingers to tap firmly just above your eyebrows - firmly enough that you hear a noise. Tap across your head to your temples three times. Then move your two fingers to just below the crease of your eyes (feel for a boney ridge) and tap across.

Sometimes pressure builds up causing a headache in the front of your head. Here's how to relieve that pain: Take one finger to the side of your ear and push straight up to just above the ear. You'll feel a pressure point to push. You may feel referred pain toward the front of your forehead when you push. From there, follow a half circle around the back of your year, holding your finger for a few seconds at each stop. Come to a final stop at the boney prominence at the bottom rear of your ear - that will likely feel tender. 

Push your thumbs into the base of your skull behind your head, then tilt your head slightly back. That helps with eye strain and headaches. 

SCM muscles can cause pain in one eye, so it helps to massage those muscles, located toward the front sides of your neck. Find the muscle and do a loose pincer grip on it; hold it and lean your head slightly forward to help relieve the pain in your eye. 

To learn more about each move, watch our interview with Dr. Allyson Coffin. 

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