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He’s just 22—and he’s been promoting pro wrestling shows in Maine for years

“It’s pretty crazy,” Randy Carver says of his success.

PORTLAND, Maine — In 2010, when Randy Carver was 13-years-old and growing up in LaGrange, the town had a population of 708. It’s a place where not much has changed over the decades; in 1880, its population was 721. Kids there have to amuse themselves, and Carver and his friends did it by staging their own wrestling shows in the backyard. “I would save up money and buy little microphones,” he recalls with a laugh. “I had a little boom box that we’d set up when we did our shows. We’d have very professional announcements for them.”

Fooling around on the lawn with body slams and dropkicks planted a seed, which has now sprouted into a full-blown business called Limitless Wrestling, whose owner and sole employee is… Randy Carver. He’s 22-years-old and has already promoted more than forty professional wrestling events, all but one of them in Maine. Limitless videos have racked up millions—yes, millions—of views on YouTube. Wrestlers who once worked for the WWE—the biggest name in the game—now come to Maine for Carver’s events, and wrestlers who started out with Limitless are now under contract with the WWE. “It’s pretty crazy because years ago you couldn’t say that,” Carver says. “There weren’t a lot of people coming out of the Maine area, even the New England area, who were really making it in the professional wrestling business.”

Although Carver has loved wrestling since he was a kid, he never wanted to be in the ring himself. He wanted to be the guy who rented the ring, booked the hall, recruited the talent, paid for advertising, sold the merchandise, made sure there was plenty of cold beer for sale, and then counted the money at the end of the night. D.L. Hurst, a wrestler from Massachusetts who was on the card at a recent Limitless show in Westbrook, is impressed with what the 22-year-old promoter has accomplished. “Without a shadow of a doubt,” Hurst says, “he’s a very, very good guy when it comes to everything about this business.”

Link: www.limitlesswrestling.com

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