SCARBOROUGH, Maine — Sometimes you want that Halloween autumnal aesthetic without the blood and guts and gore; so here are five movies that wet that whistle.

  1. Labyrinth: Monsters, and goblins, and David Bowie. It’s crazy to think that this movie doesn’t take place during Halloween, but it’s undeniably fall in its aesthetics. Dance the magic dance, and jump the magic jump into the season.
  2. Over the Garden Wall: Technically a mini series, but this animated story is a kind friendly spooky romp that’ll have you wanting to sip hot cider and bake pumpkin seeds.
  3. Good Will Hunting: This one won’t make most people’s 31 days of Halloween horror movie challenges, but like Dead Poet’s Society this fits the bill of an academic setting during and a New England Autumn. Can’t you just feel the sweater vest just thinking about it?
  4. When Harry Met Sally: Might be biasing towards the DVD cover, but several key scene all take place during crisp fall days. Not your typical sunny lit summery rom com. No Harry & Sally woo each other bundled up in comfy scarves and coats. Definitely counts for serving up that fall feeling.
  5. Fantastic Mr Fox: Wes Anderson kind of feels like cheating when it comes to autumnal aesthetic, but the entire color palette of his stop motion feature length is is basically like a seasonal leaf. Add in some animals in vests, bluegrass and folk music, and George Clooney and you’ve got a recipe of peak fall.

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