PORTLAND, Maine — Ingredients: 

Vegetable  oil 

2  hot  dogs  (I use Pearl brand) 

Focaccia  (page 159 of "The Best Comfort Food On The Planet" by Kerry Altiero)

2  leaves romaine lettuce 

½  tomato, sliced 1⁄8"/3 mm thick

1  tbsp/15  ml Patio  Mustard (page  223) or regular hot-dog mustard

2  pickle slices, 1⁄8"/3 mm thick, cut the long way

¼  cup/60 ml Miranda's “Ranch” Dressing (page  61)

2  tbsp/15 g red onion, sliced thinly

Heat  a  heavy  6-inch/15  cm  skillet  over  medium  heat.  Pour  in  enough  vegetable oil  to  coat  the  pan  with  1⁄8  inch/3  mm.  You  are  going  to  pan fry  the  dogs,  low  and slow.  Fry  them  5  minutes,  until  heated  through.  You  do  not  want  them  to  brown  too much—they  should  be  just  a  shade  darker  than  raw.

Slice  off  2  hot  dog–size  edge  or  corner  pieces  of  focaccia, about  6 inches/15  cm  by 3  inches/8 cm.  Split  them  open  to  make  buns.  Leave the  edge  crust  intact.

Lay  a  romaine  leaf  in  the  bottom  of  each  bun.  Chef’s  tipksi: This  will help  keep  your  bun  intact  so  it  does  not  disintegrate  before  you  are done  eating.  Place  the  slices  of  tomato  along  one  side  of  the  bun, inside  the  lettuce  leaf.  Doggies  next.  Stripe  the  mustard  along  one  side. Put  in  the  pickle  slice  so  it’s  next  to  the  dog.  Top  it  all  with the  dressing,  then  the  onion.