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'I'll have to...' enjoy Kerry Altiero's take on spanish rice

Shrimp, rice, and whatever you have in your fridge go into this dish.


This is my take on all the awful “Spanish Rice” served in school cafeterias ‘round the country. With of course some nods to some kind of Span-Mex idea, A Cafe Miranda Classic for many a year, IHT is a successor to “You’ll Have To," a story for another day. 

You will need a 12” or larger saute pan, we use carbon steel French style pans. A wok is usually made of the same material and will work fine. A cast iron skillet on lower heat will also suffice. 

On medium to high heat add the Fiore olive oil to coat the pan ⅛” deep. Toss, yes toss in (have some flair eh?) the poblano, onion & chorico; saute 'til the peppers color intensifies, like deeper. The sausage and onion will be JUST browning. Garlic & shrimp now for a minute or 2. You will see the shrimp turn white and shrink a bit.

Add the rice, olives and oregano. Toss well and/or stir vigorously. Think fried rice. Keep sauteing to heat the rice and un-clump it. In goes the tomato(e) and salsa. Stir & toss to heat thru & finish the shrimp. Last thing in the pan is to add scallion and yes, toss. 

Immediately plate in a suitable large bowl, squeeze the half of orange, splash tabasco (use red AND green for a festive look) and there you are: a fine Sebago Saddleback Light Ale will finish this up right smart!  

  • Note: this dish needs to be done one per pan as overloading the pan will get you not "I’ll Have To" but the aforementioned cafeteria dish. 

.5 oz raw poblano, seeded and ripped coarsely 

1 oz red onion, sliced

1.5 oz chorico, large dice

1 Tbs minced garlic

4 fl oz cooked rice. We use Jasmine with tumeric and bayleaf. See my cookbook The Best Comfort Food On The Planet; signed copies available on our website.

8 Shrimp, peeled, de-veined and butterflied (see youtube)

3 fl oz diced tomatoes

3 fl oz salsa. Use a fresh local one.

8 Pitted oil cured olives

A sprig or 2 fresh oregano 

3 scallions sliced

1/2 orange to squeeze

Tobasco shakes


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