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Food & Nutrition, Dr. P.K. Newby discusses the benefit of a plant-based diet in her new book

She is known as The Nutrition Doctor, and has recently published a new book to help us all navigate the seemingly confusing world of nutrition, diets and good health.

PORTLAND, Maine — Diets and weight loss programs dominate the news and consume our attention about what is good health and how we are supposed to be eating. Diets enter our awareness as often as celebrity gossip. It is nearly impossible to avoid. The Keto diet has taken the space of what used to be Paleo, and before that, Atkins. Should we be paying attention to any of these, or are they too just fads?

Dr. P.K. Newby's newest book, Food & Nutrition: What We Eat & Why, discusses this very question. She tackles the heavy questions about the tyranny of choice when you walk into a supermarket. What are super foods and why are they good for us. Newby speaks to the benefit of a plant-based diet, yet in her wisdom, this does not mean meatless or dairy free. There is not a diet that will work for everyone, yet the endless choices we encounter that are filled with sugar and unnecessary carbohydrates are causing a great impact on our general health. 

Her wit & wisdom come through in this new book as she speaks to the ease in which it is to change the way we eat by starting with learning what is best for our own systems. We can all make choices to eat a healthier diet, which in turn also benefits an ecosystem much great than the individual.

To learn more about Dr. P. K. Newby and find her new book you can find her at her website.

Dr. P.K. Newby

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