SCARBOROUGH, Maine — Makes 9x13 pan


2 cup     All Purpose Flour

2 cup     Water

2 ¼ tsp  Dry Yeast (1 package)

Mix together, leave in a large bowl, about x4 bigger than the amount of starter.

Cover, air tight and leave at room temp overnight.

Focaccia Dough

All of the Starter

1 ½ cup                All Purpose Flour

2 ¼ tsp                 Salt

¾ tsp                    Dry Yeast

2 tbsp                   Oil

1/3 cup                Water

½ cup                   Oil (for pan)

In a mixer, combine Starter, Flour, Water, and Yeast using a dough hook and allow to rest 20 mins. (Lets the flour absorb the water)

Add in the Salt and mix on a low speed until a very wet, loose dough forms.

When dough is smooth and no longer looks shaggy and rough, add in the oil. Mix until combined.

In the 9x13 baking pan spread the ½ cup of oil over bottom and sided. Place dough in the pan and cover with plastic wrap and a towel.

Allow to rise in a warm place for about 1 ½ -2 hours until double in size.

Every 30 mins gently stretch and fold the dough over itself, being careful not to deflate it. Do this 3 times.

Preheat oven to 375 F.

Once double in size, spray with brine (optional) or sprinkle crust with kosher salt.

Bake for 25-30 min until golden brown. 

Brine   (will give Focaccia an extra thick crust)

¼ cup    Water, warm

1 tsp      Salt

Spray Bottle

Dissolve Salt in Water.