Chris and Brett from Bull Moose track the recent trends in home entertainment.

Fancy Blu-ray reissues of b-movies, especially ‘70s and ‘80s genre films – Criterion did it first with classic films. Shout! Factory proved the approach would work with genre films, but other studios got into it last year. Arrow Film, Film Movement, and Kino Lorber do new (at least 2K) scans, clean up image problems, remix the audio into 5.1, and include a lot of bonus features. Some even come in fancy limited-edition box sets. This fall we got Creepshow 2, Driller Killer, Black Christmas, C.H.U.D. and C.H.U.D. II, Slugs, the Hellraiser series, Bride of Reanimator, a Gremlins rip-off titled Hobgoblins, and many more.

“Adult” adult coloring books – Adult coloring books became popular in 2015, but they mostly were sold as “stress-relieving.” In 2016, coloring books began to feature another way to relieve your stress – swear words. We won’t be able to show any on the air, so please use your imagination.

Enormous hyper-complete music box sets – King Crimson started this trend a few years ago with a series of massive 20+ disc sets for each of their albums. They were mostly limited to independent labels or mail order directly from the artist. They reached the mass market in 2016 with two major label releases: Pink Floyd: The Early Years and Bob Dylan – 1966 Live Recordings. Each included an enormous amount of previously unreleased material.

Vinyl – What can we expect from the 10th year of the vinyl resurgence? In 2016 despite lower record prices, vinyl sales surpassed income from “freemium” streaming and even beat paid downloads the week of Black Friday Record Store Day. Tomorrow, the largest pressing plant in the US will open its new facility with 50% greater capacity.

Soundtracks – Interest in soundtracks increased thanks to the excellent soundtracks to The Force Awakens, The Hateful Eight, and of course, Hamilton. Nobody can predict a phenomenon like Hamilton, but the popularity of Suicide Squad will continue into 2017. There also is underground interest in horror and sci-fi soundtracks, parallel to what’s happing in the Blu-ray world.