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How to get your car ready for a summer road trip | 2 Wants to Know

Mike Quincy shared the best ways to make sure your car is prepared for a long trip.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Summer's here, and many people will chose to pack up and hit the road with their friends and family. Having a car that won't break down is a must.

Mike Quincy from Consumer Reports joined 2 Wants to Know to share tricks and advice to get your car ready.

Quincy said start by checking your tires. Even if your tires look good, they likely need a replacement if they're old. 

Quincy said you can then move onto your wideshield wipers. He said you should replace the blades every six months and top off your fluid before hitting the road.

If you need assistance checking your car, Quincy encouraged you to reach out to a trusted mechanic.

Everyone should have a emergency kit in their car. Quincy said a standard kit should include jumper cables, a flashlight, duct tape, basic tools and a tire gauge.

High gas prices may push you to put the brakes on a road trip. Quincy shared several ways you can save and still have fun:

  1. Use a credit card with strong cash-back benefits for gas.
  2. Consider joining Costco. Its gas is usually cheaper and meets Top Tier quality standard.
  3. Use an app like GasBuddy or Google Maps to find cheap gas in your area. Make sure you read the terms of any agreement to make sure you're comfortable with that app collecting certain data.
  4. Join a retailer reward program like Walmart+.

Quincy said you should also enroll in a roadside assistance plan before leaving. If you get stuck, it can connect you with service providers quickly.

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