PITTSFIELD, Maine — In honor of National EMS Week, Pittsfield Police officials have arranged the first ever EMS/First Responders Day at Warsaw Middle School. 

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Between 800 and 1,000 K-8 students from SAD #53 and RSU #19 will have the opportunity to meet with their local heroes. 

Police, Firefighters, Game Wardens, Border Control, K-9 units and more will be on hand to meet students and answer questions about their field of work. 

Pittsfield Police officer Mike Cray says, "It's a great opportunity for these kids to say thank you to their local first responders," perfectly aligning with a week (National EMS week) dedicated to showing thanks to these groups of workers. 

"It also a great chance for these kids to meet us and feel safe if-- god forbid-- a large group of vehicles like this has to show up at their house or school one day," says Cray. 

20 different EMS/first responder agencies will attend EMS/First Responders Day at Warsaw Middle School on Tuesday, May 21.