PORTLAND, Maine — Whether you are saving for retirement, student loans, or a lobster roll on your next trip to the coast, it all starts with getting organized. With online banking and paperless bills, staying on top of payments can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be.

Rebecca Winslow is the Director of Community Relations at Gorham Savings Bank and suggests 'laying everything out,' and spending about an hour to comb through monthly income and expenses.

"Have two checking accounts," said Winslow. "One should be your operating account. So your mortgage or rent, car payment or credit cards... That’s is going to be your safety net to ensure everything is going to get paid on time.”

Winslow advises talking to an employer to split your direct deposit into two and as your income changes make adjustments to your budget.

Investopedia released a list of eight steps to organize your finances, including pull out your budget at least once per month, have a checklist for bills you are expecting, and have two bank accounts. The financial website says turn to professionals for help.

“The addition of technology and electronic payments... have come on at a mind-numbing speed, they can make life easier so let us help you navigate through that,” said Winslow. “To know that you have that piece of your life organized and you don’t have to worry about it on a daily basis, that’s going to make you feel good."