Condolences and prayers are pouring in from Maine and all over the country for the family of Corporal Eugene Cole.

Funeral arrangements were announced Friday for the 61-year old law enforcement officer. Support from the community, and is helping Corporal Eugene Cole's family heal. For his younger brother -- it started with forgiveness.

Hugs from strangers, countless messages of love and support on social media are helping ease the pain of losing a beloved police officer, Cole’s older brother.

The 61-year-old was the oldest of four brothers and one sister. Gene as everyone called him had three sons, one daughter, and six grandchildren. His son David is a K9 officer with the Somerset County Sheriff's Department. He broke the news of his father's death to the family Wednesday morning. Tom was devastated but as a minister knew he had to forgive his brother’s alleged killer John Williams.

"I have to forgive," he said. "I have done that. I have to pray for his family, they are victims as well."

After their father and brothers died, Tom says Gene took on the role of father for the family. They also shared a love for music performing together in a band called the borderline express. But in his late 40's Gene took on a new challenge he answered the call to serve his community. Closing his TV repair service he went to the Maine State Police Academy following his son David. The family says despite all the love from the community they can't be at peace until Williams is captured.

"There is not going to be closure until they have him," he said.

Cole says authorities have not told him any details about the case. He also plans to personally thank every member of law enforcement who has put in countless hours searching for Williams.