AUGUSTA (NEWS CENTER Maine) — The Maine House of Representatives voted Wednesday in favor of naming a bridge in Norridgewock in honor of a fallen deputy, a legislative spokesperson said.

Somerset County Sheriff's Deputy Cpl. Eugene Cole was murdered in April while on duty. His suspected killer entered a "not guilty" plea earlier this month.

According to the bill, L.D. 1914 would direct the Maine DOT to designate Bridge 2187 on Route 201A, which crosses the Kennebec River, to be named the Corporal Eugene Cole Memorial Bridge.

Presented by Rep. Bradlee Farrin, R-Norridgewock, and cosponsored by Sen. Nate Libby, D-Lewiston, and several other state representatives, the bill reads "it is important to the local community to honor the late Corporal Eugene Cole and to keep his memory alive through the naming of this bridge … and to honor his memory for all his contributions to the safety of Somerset County."

The bill will go to the Senate. If passed there, it will go to Gov. LePage's desk.

LD 1914, HP 1355 by NEWSCENTER26 on Scribd