SACO, Maine — At least five women have come forward with complaints that they were drugged over the weekend at the Run of the Mill restaurant and bar in Saco during it's annual Winter Carnival Fest.

Saco Police Deputy Chief Jack Clement said they were made aware of the situation after receiving a call from the restaurant’s manager, Heidi Lemieux.

"Sunday morning some people started to message me saying that a friend of theirs thought they were drugged here," Lemieux said. "You don't think of things like that happening at a restaurant where families come."

The staff at Run of the Mill in Saco takes pride in being family friendly, which is why the news came as a shock to them.

Saco Police say this is the first time they have handled a case like this in some time. They say what also makes it strange is that the women noticed another woman hanging around the restaurant that looked out of place. 

"A few of the girls that reported being drugged mentioned a strange woman, it must mean something," Lemieux said. "But I don't want to point fingers at anybody because we just don't know."

Police urge anyone with information to come forward.

Lemieux says no matter what the outcome is, she hopes everyone learns from this.

"What I hope happens is that we can just spread awareness about this, that it's a real thing, it is happening," Lemieux said. "And making people notice their surroundings, going back to the see something say something."