BANGOR (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Independent candidate for governor, Alan Caron, has kicked off a new leg of his campaign.

He's touring the state in a 32-foot bus he calls "the NEW MAINE EXPRESS" that he'll take to all of the state's 490 cities and towns ove the next 60 days.

He began the tour on Thursday at America's First Mile Monument in Fort Kent.

He then made his way to Presque Isle, Bangor, Augusta and Portland, driving through as many towns as he could.

Caron's campaign slogan is "on the road to a new economy." He said as governor he wants to create new jobs, but not the way it's been done before.

"I've been working for 15 or 20 years on how to build a new prosperity in Maine. I'm not just thinking about it now that I'm running, I co-authored a book a few years ago called Maine's Next Economy. And the whole idea is to stop focusing on how to attract jobs from away and to grow jobs here." Caron said.

Caron will continue his journey across the state ahead of the election on November 6.