HAMPDEN (NEWS CENTER Maine)-- Saturday was Enoch McGovern day for many people around the state when they gave the 2-year old boy his own parade.

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Enoch captured the hearts of many Mainers who wanted to help him after his mother, 26-year-old Heidi McGovern, stepped in front of a tanker truck on Interstate 95 near Lincoln on October 4th, holding little Enoch in her arms.

Enoch and his dad, Daniel McGovern looking at the convoy near Hampden Post Office.

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More than 180 cars and trucks took part in the convoy.

Convoy for a Cause in full swing on I-95 in Hampden.

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Enoch and his family were very appreciative for all of the people who took part in Convoy for a Cause Saturday.

Grandparents Mitchell and Brenda Bickford looking down at the convoy of trucks on I-95 in Hampden with other family and friends.

Enoch waved at the parade of vehicles that passed him here in Hampden. His family said he had a good day.

Enoch at Convoy for a Cause event
Enoch smiling as hundreds turn out for his 'Convoy for a Cause' event. (10/27/2018)

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