LEWISTON, Maine — No matter how nervous kids today may feel about starting a new school year, it can't possibly match the nerves that their parents must have felt to be hosting the President in their first day of classes.

President George H.W. Bush paid a visit to Farwell Elementary School in Lewiston for opening day on Sept. 3, 1991. 

For former students who hadn't thought of that day in 28 years, a tweet on Tuesday by the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library brought those memories rushing back.

The tweet included a picture of President Bush reading aloud from "The Big Hungry Bear" to a kindergarten class. 

Some of the kids were too shy to talk, but not Billy. When he announced that it was his birthday, Pres. Bush reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a pen for a present.

All of those students would now be in their 30s, and might be sending children of their own off to school.