CHARLESTON, Maine — Officials at the Mountain View Correctional Facility in Charleston say they have taken all the necessary steps to make sure inmates are comfortable while their heating is being repaired. 

Commissioner Randall Liberty said the boiler that heats the minimum security facility in Charleston is being worked on and space heaters are keeping staff and inmates warm in the meantime. 

But Katy Boegel, who has a son at the facility, says her son is telling her that ice is forming in cells and toilet water is freezing. Boegel says her son is wearing all the clothing he has in an effort to stay warm but is still very cold. 

Officials say they have placed 25 rented space heaters throughtout the facility, and have given inmates extra linens, blankets and clothing. 

Facility staff say the temperatures within the housing units are between 60 and 70 degrees despite the heating issues and that when cells are cooler, inmates are allowed to spend more time and even sleep in common areas. 

The facility is expected to have the heat restored in the housing units by the end of February.