The World Health Organization has released its top ten threats to global health and anti-vaxxers made the list.

Just last year, WHO released that measles, a disease which is highly communicable and highly containable with vaccines, saw a 30% increase in the number of cases.

In Clark County, there have been 16 cases of the measles just this year. Of those cases, 14 of the children were unvaccinated.

The WHO stated in 2017 that the measles vaccines has saved 21 million lives since 2000.

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Also on WHO's list for threats to global health were:

  • air pollution and climate change
  • noncommunicable diseases
  • global influence pandemic
  • fragile and vulnerable settings such as places with drought, famine, conflict, etc.
  • antimicrobial resistance
  • Ebola and other high-threat pathogens
  • weak primary health care
  • dengue
  • HIV

To read WHO's entire article, click here.