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The Form Lab: How to perfect your push-up

The Form Lab in Portland helps people enhance their workouts by changing the way they move.

PORTLAND, Maine — The Form Lab in Portland focuses on movements people can incorporate into their daily lives to help make them healthier and stronger. 

The gym officially opened its doors in March. Since then, trainers have been teaching clients how to improve the way they move their bodies. The goal is to incorporate those movements into everyday life to help get the most out of each workout and minimize long-term aches and pains. 

With more and more people taking advantage of the warming weather, The Form Lab co-founder Andrew Blais shared tips on how to enhance your workout at home or outside. 

Blais said one way to enhance your workout is to focus on something as simple as push-ups. He said you should start standing and use a wall or counter to perform your push-ups if you're not comfortable doing them on the floor.

If you're on the floor, Blais said you should keep your hands stacked under your shoulders. He suggested starting with your chest flat to the ground and pulling your hands back to align with your chest.

"Instantly, that is going to set us up for the first part of a successful push-up," Blais said.

Watch the full video for a step-by-step demonstration.

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