PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Nearly four years after dangerous chemicals were discovered in the drinking water supply at an Air Force Base in New Hampshire -- the base will lead off a first ever national health study.

Thursday federal health officials announced that a health study on adults and children who were exposed to dangerous chemicals known as PFAS or PFC's. The study will involve blood and urine testing from one-thousand adults and about 350 children.

The chemicals were in firefighting foam used during training exercises have been linked to a number of health problems including birth defects and some cancers. After their kids the contaminated water, a group of moms known as "Testing For Pease" lobbied the feds for years for a study into the long term health effects of the chemicals. They are relieved but say more work needs to be done.

'We are talking years before we get answers to the health studies but our questions are still real today,' said Andrea Amico of Testing for Pease.

The study will cost about 7 million dollars which will be paid for by the Department of Defense and is expected to get underway next summer.