PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) — A new Lyme vaccine is getting a lot of attention in the medical world because it's considered safer and more effective than a previous vaccine that was pulled from the market 15 years ago.

The vaccine, known as VLA15, just finished the first phase of clinical trials in Europe. French drug manufacturer Valneva said it targets six different strains of bacteria that cause Lyme disease, but it will not protect people from any tick-borne illnesses.

The vaccine has no side effects and has been found to be 96 percent effective. It attacks the bacteria inside the tick, preventing them from entering the bloodstream.

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"They do a preemptive strike on the bacteria that are still increasing in the tick before infection occurs," said Dr. Robert Smith, an infectious disease specialist.

The vaccine is so promising the FDA is fast-tracking it to make it available sooner than typical drug trials, which can take 15 years.

The vaccine could hit the market in 2024 and the company says it will be affordable.

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