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Maine woman donating 'period packs'

A Bangor area woman is asking for feminine hygiene products instead of birthday presents so she can make "period packs" to donate to low-income women.

BANGOR, Maine — Tanisha Gilbert no longer needed her feminine hygiene products but she didn't want to just throw them away. She did some research and found there was a huge need for these products for homeless and low-income women.

Gilbert's 29th birthday is on Saturday, and instead of gifts she has asked for donations of feminine hygiene products and money to buy them.

She's taking all the supplies donated and making "period packs" with everything a woman would need for a month.

These packs will include, various sized pads, panty liners, tampons, cleansing products and Midol.

"And that's all going in a gallon plastic bag and that bag is going to hopefully get a woman through one period event," Gilbert said.

These product donations are important to the community because many organizations can't keep them on the shelves.

"We do our best to always have some here, there's no place in our budget to buy such thing so we really rely on the community."

Gilbert is trying to raise awareness in the community.

"It's really great to see that people recognize that not having these products is a basic human need," she said, "and just letting a woman live with a little bit of dignity is the least that we can do."

Gilbert has been collecting money as well. Her goal was $500 but already has $535. Next, she'll buy more products on Friday before she donates everything on Saturday, her birthday.