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Maine Senior Games attract more than 600 participants

Senior citizens will be competing in 17 different sports this year in different venues across the state.

MAINE, Maine — The Maine Senior Games offer a great opportunity for senior citizens to compete in all sorts of sports.

There is something for everyone: swimming, pickleball, cycling, running, cornhole, and more.

People 50 years of age or older can participate in any of the games. Those who register will be competing against others in their age group. Those who are 45 or older can also qualify for the multi-sport events.

Jo Dill is the coordinator of the games.

"This is a chance for people to come together, not only to compete but to socialize. Some people have made fast friends," Dill said. "Every time they come to an event, they see people they haven't seen in years. Some people have found people that they went to school with years ago through this. It keeps them active. It keeps them healthy. I've heard several times from people who have been injured that say it's the Maine Senior Games that keep them working and working so that they can get back in shape."

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Volunteers are needed and play a critical role in registering people, keeping scores, planning, and other important tasks.

"Some people think, when you hear Maine Senior Games and competing, they think, 'Oh my gosh, I am not good enough to compete.' And yes, we have people who are very competitive, and they want to win. We all have a little competitiveness, I think, in some way. But we welcome everybody to be there. Some people go on to the national senior games, and some just come out because they want to participate locally, they want to support the Maine Senior Games, they want to get out," Dill explained.

To volunteer for any of the upcoming games, click here.

To register for an upcoming game, click here for the form that must be filled out and sent.

Here is the full schedule of sports events that are coming up.

For any other details on this year's Maine Senior Games, click here.

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