SCARBOROUGH (NEWS CENTER Maine) — Maine made another list, but no one will be bragging about this distinction. According to a new report, the state tops a list of the 12 worst states for Lyme disease, which is transmitted by deer ticks.

The report done by the website 24/7 Wall Street reviewed data the CDC on Lyme cases across the country. In 2016, Maine had nearly 90 cases of the disease for every 100,000 people, placing it first among a dozen states that have the largest number of cases in the country.

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Experts also said Maine has a large population of people who live in rural areas where disease-carrying ticks tend to live. Dr. Jacob Aguiar is a Naturopathic doctor who treats patients suffering from Lyme. He said the report doesn't include cases that are not reported to the CDC.

"Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New England is ground zero for Lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses," said Jacob Aguiar, Naturpathic Doctor with Scarborough Integrative Health. "We cant forget ticks are carrying more than Lyme."

A spokeswoman with the Maine CDC told NEWS CENTER Maine the department is focusing on prevention and awareness to help reduce the risk of tick exposures and consequently tick-borne diseases.