SKOWHEGAN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Maine Medical Center in Portland is issuing tips for patients before they check into the hospital.

The advisory comes after a legal patient claims her medical marijuana candies were confiscated by security guards at MMC over the weekend.

Shirley Weiss, who suffers from PTSD and anxiety says guards searched her pursed and frisked her while she was in her bed after she told them she was a medical marijuana patient. She says her medical pot returned to her when she was discharged this week but she is still reeling from the incident.

A spokeswoman for Maine Medical Center did not comment on Weiss’s allegations but released a statement saying that all substances within the hospital must be approved by hospital providers and also comply with federal standards.

Marijuana is considered illegal by the federal government. Hospitals such as MMC that receive federal funds say they must follow federal law. State lawmakers passed a law last year giving hospitals state protections if they allow patients to use medical marijuana in their facilities — but that does not protect them from the feds. Weiss says she did nothing illegal and feels her rights as a patient were violated.

"They were talking to me like I was some sort of criminal," Weiss said. "You know I hadn’t broken the law I didn’t break any law, I wasn’t dispensing it or selling it to anyone it was my own personal."

Maine Medical Center says patients need to check with their medical provider who prescribed medical pot and the hospital about its policies before they check into MMC.