WEST BATH (NEWS CENTER Maine) — A young woman diagnosed with Lyme disease is helping raise awareness about resources and information to diagnose better and treat tick-borne illnesses.

Elizabeth Nelson suffered from debilitating pain, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms before finally get a diagnosis of Lyme disease eight years ago.

Nelson and her parents, also Lyme disease survivors, started the Nelson Family Project. They have distributed more than 14-thousand 'Lyme Resource Cards' to medical providers throughout Maine.

The card has links to information about better diagnostic tests, alternative treatment guidelines and symptoms of Lyme. The Nelsons say they have had positive feedback from several dozen providers from throughout the state.

Kerry Nelson, Lyme disease survivor.

"Some of them had Lyme disease themselves and struggled to get diagnosed," said Kerry Nelson. "So they were pleased the information was getting to providers."

Besides medical providers, the Nelsons have distributed information to school districts, school nurses and camps throughout the state.

For information about Lyme Disease, Diagnosis and Treatment https://www.cdc.gov, search keyword Lyme.


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International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society, www.ilads.org

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