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Couple discusses recovery from COVID-19

Anna and Andy Anderson were recently hospitalized with COVID-19 and have barely seen each other in the last month.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Anna Anderson is truly a survivor in every sense of the word.

The lung transplant patient is at home recovering from COVID-19.

Now, she’s waiting for her husband to get better and come home as well.

In their 40 years of marriage, Anna and Andy have rarely been apart.

Both were recently hospitalized with COVID-19 and have barely seen each other in the last month.

Anna is back home now.

“It's just a blessing from our good Lord,” she said. “That's the only way...it's the only thing I know, because I didn't have any control over that.”

Anna received a lung transplant three years ago. Ironically, her symptoms did not include shortness of breath.

“I didn't have any respiratory issues. I was very much awake and alert,” she said. “So of course, I had to be assisted to do some things for a while. So it was kind of, for lack of a better word, boring because you didn't see anybody. And of course the rooms that they have set up which is old board, they tell me that the rooms are small. You've got a bathroom, but the rooms are small, you did have a good view. But after a few days of sitting in that room and not going out and not seeing anybody but the same nurse or the doctor, it was beginning to play on you, you start praying real hard.”

Though Anna is home, her recovery continues.

“I first came home, I was very weak. I could not stand in front of the bathroom mirror to do anything,” she said.

She has faith Andy will beat COVID-19, too.

“I believe he is a survivor. Now, we may have some days, but he is a survivor,” Anna said. “Now, we may have some new norms, but he is a survivor of this. And I expect him home soon, not even later, soon!”