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Working from home with your pets during COVID-19

As many of us are working from home during the coronavirus, COIVD-19 pandemic, many of our pets are sitting there right beside us.

MAINE, USA — Mainers all over the state are working from home, which means balancing your work life with your home life. For many of you, that means trying to get things done while your pets probably just want to play.

Working from home with our pets isn't always easy, but it's the reality many of us are facing as we stay home because of COVID-19.

Pet trainers say while it's fun to have your four-legged co-workers with you all day, "but of course we want to make sure we maintain their grooming and training," Darris Cooper, dog trainer at Petco said.

He said it's important to keep a structure while you're at home and keep the work area safe for your pets by hiding wires they might want to play with.

Here in Maine, Working from home with your pets, a Facebook group created by Deb Neuman.

"With things so hard right now it was just a nice break from all the seriousness," Neuman said.

Now, pet owners are posting pictures of their pets helping them work, at times poking fun at their furry co-workers. All to bring people together during this time.

"There's nothing wrong with seeing more kitties and puppies and cute animals on social media, Neuman said.

Marion Syversen has been working from home with her pets for years. She said it's important to create boundaries, while also giving them enough attention.

"We need to take frequent breaks for our own sanity but we also need to take breaks for them," she said.

Syversen added she makes sure her dogs have enough exercise and instead of barricading them, she barricades herself in her home office to get work done.

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