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Volunteers help COVID vaccination effort in Maine

Officials with a COVID vaccine site in York said without volunteers, the clinic would not be possible.

YORK, Maine — Volunteers are a big part of the effort to bring the COVID vaccine to people in Maine, and one site in York said without them, the clinic would not be able to operate.

"Something to give back to the community. This is about getting people vaccinated so that we can all get back to somewhat being normal," said volunteer James Lapolla.

James Lapolla, a Wells paramedic, is volunteering his time to administer vaccinations at St. Christopher's Catholic Church in York. He said he vaccinates roughly 25-people a day, a few days a week.

"They're actually kind of relieved. Especially when people come for their second dose, they are like 14 more days and I'll have protection," said Lapolla.

He is one of more than 100-people volunteering at the site.

"This clinic would not be here today if it weren't for our volunteers," said Katie Dodge, lead of volunteers at York Hospital.

The clinic is part of a partnership with York Hospital. The hospital said when it first came together last month, community members like Lapolla and Michele Rainforth stepped up to help.

"I figured they had to be overwhelmed with how much was going on and how much they would need to get this done as quickly as possible," said Rainforth.

Rainforth helps out with checking people in and out. 

"How grateful people are has been really amazing. It's kind of funny to me to say congratulations you just got a shot," said Rainforth.

Lapolla said he'll be volunteering through at least April, to help get people back to enjoying their lives.

If you would like to volunteer at vaccine sites you can visit: 

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