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UMaine creates N95 mask testing solutions

The Maine CDC was running low on solutions. Without the solutions, masks cannot fit properly.

ORONO, Maine — The University of Maine is making critical N95 mask testing solutions. Without the solutions, a person can't get the proper fit. 

"If you don't have the proper fit, you might be subject to letting the virus or any type of contamination through the mask," said UMaine Vice President of Innovation and Economic Development, Jake Ward.

"They do multiple tasks in this hood. If they can taste it they know the mask isn't right for them," said Maine CDC Medical Countermeasures Manager, John Hernandez.

The Maine Center for Disease Control said it was running low on solutions.

"We could not find anything anywhere for over a month," said Hernandez.

It's why the University of Maine stepped up to create more.

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"We were able to procure the quantities to blend the chemicals," said Ward.

UMaine has manufactured more than 2,000 bottles of the solutions.

24 soldiers and airmen from the Maine National Guard are going into long term care facilities to do the testing before the masks are used in the workplace.

"It's typical of resilient Mainers coming together and doing what needs to be done," said Brigadier General Donald Lagace.

So far, the Maine National Guard has tested more than 700 people, and the Maine CDC said there are plenty of solutions to keep going.

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