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To protect customers and students, buildings are being retrofitted to help keep people safe

From schools to banks to office buildings businesses are changing, to make sure customers and staff are safe

The Pandemic has drastically changed how businesses operate.

"We want to make it is as safe and as convenient to serve people in a new environment," said Jon Paradise, Vice President of public relations and communications for Town and Country Federal Credit Union.

According to Paradise, the credit union's new scheduling system will allow customers to now choose how they want to do business.

"If they want to come into the branch they can make an appointment, we follow all safety guidelines. We also have curbside closing and curbside service for members who don't have to get out of their car and stay safe" said Paradise. 

Either way, the credit union is leveraging all of the great technology available while still supporting a personal touch as well.

"We chose to remodel from a technological standpoint," said Paradise.

Other businesses in the area are taking a different approach to safety.

Credit: NCM

"You can see they completely sheltered it with sliding Plexiglas doors" said Peter Michaud, General Manager of Maine Properties. He says the office in Scarborough has been retrofitted to keep staff and customers safe.

Michaud says he recognizes his business is one of the lucky ones. Fortunate to be busy and add to his employee base, even during a pandemic. 

Michaud says to deal with the influx of businesses looking to keep people safe, he has dedicated a team of employees who focus solely on retrofitting businesses to be Covid-compliant. 

"Everyone wants to keep employees and customers safe but at the end of the day affordability to do this, is a challenge for everyone," said Michaud. 

It's just one of the reasons why Maine Properties decided to help outfit all schools in Scarborough with Plexiglas shields.  

"The reception desks at every school are one of the busiest places constantly coming and going of people," said Todd Jepson, Director of Facilities at Scarborough Public Schools.

Credit: Todd Jepson

"Just the flow of students and staff flowing in and out of the office. It's essential to keep them protected and shielded and at a distance" said Jepson.

The Scarborough School Department paid for the materials with Covid funds, Maine Properties did the work for free.

"I have a 3 person crew for 700,000 square feet of the building. I just don't have the manpower to set it all up" Jepson.

Michaud said "we can't thank our employees enough. We're able to do these things because of the efforts of our team, who are staying healthy, coming to work, taking care of their families."

Michaud went on to say "we're trying to do our part for the community, for the children, for educators." 

According to many surviving the pandemic economically and emotionally, it will take a community that cares to survive. 

Michaud agrees. "That kindness, the effort we're putting forth has got to become contagious in a good way."

It's about finding a balance between keeping people safe and being open for business. 

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