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Skeleton couple in Yarmouth bringing joy and laughter during pandemic

Each week Skully and Boneita embark on a new adventure, complete with accessories and a wardrobe change

YARMOUTH, Maine — There is a couple in Yarmouth who is creating quite a buzz in the community. 

"Skully and Boneita. They have a courtship" said Mary Post. 

They're actually newly engaged. 

 "We're just trying to make people smile give them a good laugh" said Mary who has lived in Yarmouth for two years.

Traditionally her and her fiance store the skeleton couple away until October, but decided the pandemic was the perfect time to bring this couple back to life. 

"We try to change it up, make it funny, the sillier the better."

Each week Skully and Boneita embark on a new adventure, complete with accessories and a wardrobe change. 

"It's fun to be creative, we plan it out each week. We're thinking about what we need for props. We'll get a couple of ideas, I look around the house, go to neighbors, the thrift shop to find outfits I need."

Credit: Mary Post

On Saturday, August 15th, Mary's son Will turned 12. Skully and Boneita helped recognize that special day just like they did for so many other kids in town celebrating Covid 19 birthdays.

"I have a sign and I change it up for whoever is having a birthday."

Or if they're missing a special milestone, like prom or graduation.

Credit: Mary Post

Mary's 12 year old son Will said it best.

 "I really think it was a great idea to bring them (skeletons) back during these trying times because everyone needs a bit of light during the whole Covid thing."

Credit: Mary Post

People in town are loving the creativity and much-needed levity. 

"They drive by, they wave and honk, they tell us "hey we love it" Mary said.

Skully and Boneita also get their fair share of fan mail.

"We've had some very sweet cards and thank you notes."

Credit: Mary Post

Including a grandmother and her five year old grandson who spark up conversations about the skeletons and what they are wearing every time they drive by.

"It's so sweet somebody took the time to write a letter, I love it" Mary said. 

Credit: Mary Post

Also loving it are the passerby's who sometimes just need something to look forward to during a unprecedented time.

"We just try to make it as fun as possible" said Mary.

Credit: Mary Post

Make no bones about it, it's clear Skully and Boneita are lifting the spirits in the small town of Yarmouth.

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