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Shelter opens in Lewiston area

Community Concepts partners with Maine Housing for the second time this year.

LEWISTON, Maine — Community Concepts is an organization out of Lewiston aiming at helping its community. The organization is partnering with Maine Housing for the second time this year to provide shelter for those in need.

This shelter will be at an area hotel and will hold 28 guests, different than last spring's shelter.

"it's a different arrangement. it's what was available in our community right now and again as the weather gets colder the idea is to bring people off the street, test them before they come into the shelter and regularly check for symptoms and wellness," Community Concepts CEO Shawn Yardley said.

Last spring, the organization had its shelter at the Lewiston Armory and it held 60 guests.

Yardley said the goal is the same, to help people without housing in the community and to keep them warm and safe.

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