ARUNDEL, Maine — It's tough celebrating a birthday party in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, especially when you're a kid. Parades in lieu of birthday parties have become increasingly popular....but what if your dad drives a propane truck?

Ivy, the daughter of one of Champagne's Energy's drivers, got a special surprise on Wednesday. She turned 7 years old and to celebrate, Champagne's Energy paraded 7 trucks in her honor.

"I know there is a lot of anxiety in our community and state but when I saw this – I teared up and felt we all need a little more of this feel good stuff to give us hope," Melissa Mullen, a Champagne's Energy employee, said.

Several cars containing community members led the celebratory charge before the trucks brought up the rear, honking up a storm for Ivy's big day. One of the drivers even participated on his day off.

Champagne's Energy propane truck birthday parade
Champagne's Energy

"We don't know about you but we needed this right now! Hope you too can feel the love," Champagne's Energy said in a Facebook post.

Propane truck birthday parade Champagne's Energy
Champagne's Energy

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