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Laundromats across Maine take precautions against spread of coronavirus

Maine laundromat employees are wiping down surfaces, wearing gloves, and owners are only allowing five people inside at a time due to the coronavirus, COVID-19.

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — While we have put a lot of different tasks in our lives on hold during the coronavirus outbreak, laundry isn’t one of them.

“You have to wash your clothes and keep them sanitized just like anything,” said Garden Island Millcreek Island Laundromat owner Lisa Lynch.

Garden Island Millcreek Laundromat in South Portland got a new system that sanitizes everything in the washing machines. The business is also wiping down surfaces and has seen an uptick in its wash, dry, fold option.

“It’s easier for them to drop off. We know their names, we put it in the system. We do the process and they come and pick it up,” said Lynch.

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Pratt Abbott is also following similar procedures, including having employees wear gloves and face masks.

“Put up posters for social distancing and limit the number of people inside. We taped off six feet apart from the counter and spaced out all of our folding tables,” said Emily Machesney.

Both laundromats say they are only allowing five people in at a time and have seen a decline in business.

“I expected that because of course people are scared,” said Lynch.

“People just aren’t wearing dress clothes or if they are, they're wearing the one dress shirt and pajama pants. We’re down at least 50-70 percent every day,” said Machesney.

The businesses say they are doing everything they can to ensure people stay safe while doing the essentials.

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