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Island town of North Haven bans non-residents amid coronavirus pandemic

The North Haven Select Board said only people providing medical care, supplies, fuel, emergency services, or law enforcement may travel to the island.

NORTH HAVEN, Maine — The North Haven Select Board issued an order Sunday limiting travel to the island to only that which is for "essential purposes."

People who don't live on the island full-time are banned from traveling to the island due to the risk associated with the transmission of COVID-19, including contractors who work on the island but do not live on it.

In terms of who can travel to North Haven, the Select Board said the following in a Facebook post Sunday:

"Travel for “essential purposes” shall mean to receive or provide medical care, to provide direct caregiving to people who reside on the island; to resupply bulk food items, fuel, and other products required for human consumption, habitation, and wellbeing; to conduct law enforcement activities, to fulfill Knox County, State, or Federal obligations and to perform duties related to those obligations; and travel for other similar purposes associated with lifesaving, firefighting, and other activities related to the emergency care of persons or property"

The town said residents can still travel to the mainland and back to get groceries and other essential items. The town will also allow delivery of building supplies and materials needed for island residents to perform their jobs.

People on the island are told to avoid close contact with people other than their family or the people they live with. They are also banned from meeting in groups larger than ten unless it's a family gathering.

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The town also laid out procedures for what island residents should do if they think they may have contracted the virus:

"People who believe they may have come into close contact with a person who has COVID-19 or may have contracted COVID-19 shall remain in their homes for at least 14 days and shall contact the North Haven Medical Clinic (207.867.2021) for medical advice and care, and shall notify the Town Office (207.867.4433) so that arrangements can be made to deliver food and supplies as needed during the 14-day quarantine period; and

11. People who believe they may have come into close contact with a person who has COVID-19 or may have contracted COVID-19 shall not enter the North Haven Medical Clinic — healthcare providers will instead come to their homes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. (Call 911 in an emergency or call the Clinic at 207.867.2021.)"

According to NEWS CENTER Maine's partners at the Portland Press Herald, North Haven has an estimated year-round population of 355, but that swells significantly during the summer.  

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