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How to sanitize your house surfaces and groceries during COVID-19

This guide provides recommendations on some of the most important cleaning and disinfection of high-touch household items and how to clean your groceries.

MAINE, USA — Going to the grocery store is on your list of essential things to do, but it's very important that you disinfect the items you bought as soon as you get home.

A study by the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that COVID-19 can live for several hours to even days on surfaces like cardboard, metals, and plastics.

When you get home, wipe down your countertops with a Clorox wipe before cleaning the items you got at the store. 

  • First, divide your table into a dirty and clean area. 
  • Then, wipe down every item you purchased before you put them on your kitchen shelves (you can use a disinfecting wipe or spray).
  • Do not clean fruits and vegetables with Clorox wipes, fill out a bowl of hot water and put the fruits and veggies there for a couple of minutes.

Remember to constantly wipe down your high-touch points in the house like remote controls, light switches, and doorknobs, fridge handles, countertops,  and your mobile device.

This is the proper way to dispose of your disposable gloves. You should change your gloves after each store you visit and whenever you find it necessary.

  • First, you grab the inside of the glove and pull it over itself. 
  • Then grab the other glove by the wrist and pull it off so its inside out.
  • Then you throw those away!

One other reminder is to also wipe down anything else you bring home, like all those Amazon or USPS delivery boxes. 

Doctors say it is extremely important to practice good hand hygiene during this pandemic. That is why you should wash your hands constantly and thoroughly. 

  • First, plenty of soap
  • Scrub back and forth
  • Interlace your fingers
  • Don't forget the back of your hands
  • Underneath your fingertips
  • Rub your thumbs

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or sing the happy birthday song twice.

And when you're done, use a paper towel to turn off the faucet and open your door.

For detailed guidelines on cleaning household items follow these CDC cleaning guidelines.

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