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How to manage coronavirus-related stress and anxiety

We get it, these days are stressful. School psychologist and professor Stephen Brock has a few tips.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — In a very short period of time, society as we know it has changed dramatically. The stock market has plunged, schools and businesses have closed, and people across the United States are getting sick from the novel coronavirus.

The uncertainty has led people to purchase mass quantities of items at grocery stores, essentially emptying shelves of otherwise basic products like milk, eggs and toilet paper. Some have lined up at gun stores to purchase firearms and ammunition, nearly clearing out inventory at some stores.

"I think it’s important to acknowledge that to a certain extent, the stress people are feeling is appropriate,” said Stephen Brock, a school psychologist and professor at California State University, Sacramento.

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The concerns about health, the economy, and so much uncertainty with the response to the coronavirus have led to many people feeling stressed or anxious.

There are ways to manage that stress, Brock said. You can start by doing simple things like going for a walk, take deep breaths, or reaching out to family and friends.

"That's really important," Brock said. "That's what helps most people get through difficult times. Those naturally occurring social support systems."

During this time, it’s also very important for adults to provide stability for children, Brock said. If you are visibility upset, it’s likely you will worry your children. Do your best to guide them with facts in “doses” through these uncertain times.

Although, consider methods to stray away from what he calls “toxic” stress or things that make you stressed but are out of your control.

Instead, focus on the things you can control and keep yourself busy. Exercise at home if your gym is closed. Wash you hands if you’re worried about get sick and follow guidelines from health officials. Stay informed, but watch how much media you consume on the subject.

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