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How Patrick Dempsey and family are handling Covid-19 pandemic

Patrick Dempsey talked to Lee Nelson about how he and his family have been spending time in California during the pandemic.

PORTLAND, Maine — It may not seem like it, but Hollywood stars have to do the same mundane things we regular people have to do. Take washing the dishes for example.

In his continuing conversation with Patrick Dempsey, Lee Nelson asked him how he, his wife Jill and their three kids are handling the pandemic.  While Patrick says he's ready for life to get back to normal, he admits it's been fun spending more time with his family.

"It's really challenging, because you know we have transitioned in to doing some homeschooling anyway.  So we were up to speed with the boys.  Of course with Talula graduating this year, and the whole class of 2020!  My heart goes out to everybody you know because they missed the proms.  They missed all the fun things in your senior year.  So we've been doing that remotely.  it's been sort of a surreal experience to do that.  but it's been nice being with the family I have to say.  We're spending more time together than we did before.  we're not running around, so we take a lot more time in our preparation for dinner.  And sometimes it goes off the rails like with every family. Ha ha.  We get tired of doing the dishes and fighting over whose turn it is tonight.  it's been good in that way, but we're wanting to open up and get out and get back to normal as soon as possible.  And get back to Maine of course."

Patrick has two TV shows he's currently working on.  "Devils" will air on the CW Network this fall.  The other, tentatively titled "Ways and Means," was about to start shooting when the pandemic began.  We'll have more on these shows on Wednesday.

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