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Hoda breaks down on 'Today' after interview with Drew Brees

It was an unexpected emotional moment.
Credit: Today Show

Americans and people all over the world are adjusting to this new normal. Things are uncertain right now and with uncertainty comes a mix of emotions. All day, people working in news are facing a flood of information about the best and worst of this pandemic. They're exposed to more news than the typical person and, it can take a toll.

'Today Show' host Hoda Kotb has been anchoring the show from the studio while co-anchor Savannah Guthrie has been working from home. In a segment Friday morning, Hoda interviewed New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees about his $5 million donation to Louisiana’s coronavirus efforts. 

They also talked about how he and his family are adjusting to homeschooling. Brees said his and many other families have been forced to slow down and reconnect. 

You’re just together all the time, reconnecting. I hope that this is something that when we come out of this. we say ‘you know what, it really brought families together. 

After that, Hoda talked about how generosity is also contagious.  

“Our hope is that because you let us know that made this big generous donation, I think other people will look and say ‘Hey maybe I can help out to.’ Drew we love ya!’ 

When she went to transition to the tease before break, her emotions took over. While trying to pull everything together she apologized and co-anchor Savannah Guthrie stepped in to take them to break. 

Savannah said “I know it’s a lot. Hoda I’m so sorry hun. Take a moment’ 

Today posted a clip of the moment on Twitter.


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