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Help give Maine astronaut Chris Cassidy the sendoff he deserves, social distancing style!

Cassidy, a York native, is preparing for liftoff to the International Space Station on April 9. Mainers are encouraged to send him well wishes for his journey!

MAINE, USA — Astronaut Chris Cassidy is in quarantine (sound familiar?) as he prepares for liftoff of Expedition 63 to the International Space Station on April 9.

This will be the York native's third space flight and on the day of his last liftoff, the Challenger Learning Center of Maine hosted a launch party at its center in Bangor. Since that's not possible this time around due to the coronavirus pandemic, the center is asking for digital submissions.

Mainers can post messages, photos, and videos to Cassidy on the center's "Send Well Wishes to Maine Astronaut While He Waits to Launch" Facebook event.

Mainers, and particularly kids, are encouraged to post drawings, photos, and videos to let Cassidy know that we are rooting for his safety and success. He and his crewmates are expected to remain aboard the station until October 2020. 

Cassidy was born in Salem, MA, but moved to Maine when he was young. He considers York, Maine to be his hometown. He attended York High School before attending the Naval Academy Prep School in Newport, Rhode Island. He graduated in 1989.

Cassidy spent 11 years as a member of the U.S. Navy SEAL Team. He made four six‐month deployments: two to Afghanistan, and two to the Mediterranean.

Caribou native Jessica Meir is currently at the International Space Station. Cassidy will become commander of Expedition 63 when his crew takes over for Meir's.

Mainers substituting for Mainers in space...does it get any better than that?!?!

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