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Gorham family brings Disney to Maine when COVID-19 derails vacation

The Borgos family recreates popular rides from Disney without ever leaving home.

GORHAM, Maine — Every Spring break the Burgos family goes somewhere for vacation.

The place they go back to time and again?

"We love going to Disney. It's one of our favorite places," Paul Burgos said.

So, back in September, the Burgos family started planning another trip to Disney World.

"I really like spending time with my family and going on all the rides," 11-year-old Lily Burgos said.

The family was excited—until the coronavirus pandemic derailed their plans.

"I knew we were going to do something fun but I was kinda disappointed," Lily said. 

Sara Burgos came up with an idea. Why not have their Disney vacation right in Maine?

"We've been cooped in this house since March 13. I said 'we are going on vacation, we're doing something fun,'" Sara said.

Credit: Paul Burgos
Enjoying Splash Mountain in the driveway

Their vacation started like all their trips to Disney: at the Portland Jetport.

"Being a skeptic, I said 'do we really need to go to the airport to take a picture?' 'Yes we do,' she said and so that was our Sunday," Paul said.

"We even brought luggage with us," Sara added with a laugh.

Every day was another adventure. Which included Lily's cousin Luke Davenport who along with his parents and Sara's parents were supposed to be going to Disney as well.

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They visited Splash Mountain, the Animal Kingdom, "Tower of Terror" and the "Haunted Mansion"—scenes they recreated with stuffed animals, kayaks, and Halloween decorations.

Their final day at Faux Disney was a trip to the World Showcase at Epcot where they dressed in appropriate garb and noshed on Italian, French, Mexican, Chinese, and American cuisine.

"I got to eat and drink everything you saw so that was my favorite that was fun," Paul said.

For the Burgos family, this adventure was about having fun and spreading some joy to family and friends.

"We know a lot of people have been through way worse than us just being in quarantine we just wanted to bring a little fun," Paul said.

Sara added, "just bring some joy during this really difficult time." And Lily said, "that was probably my favorite part."

As for next year, they're hoping to head back to the "other" Happiest Place on Earth.

"Fingers crossed, fingers crossed," they all said.

Paul added that the price tag on this faux Disney vacation was a lot less expensive!

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